Become a Friend of Stray Boots

Test new products, get perks, & get involved with a fun, growing company!

We're looking for fun, smart people who want to help us locally in all the cities we expand to. Though our boots are straying around the globe, we're still based in an office in Brooklyn. And despite the super-powers of the internet, sometimes we just need a set of eyes and ears on the ground (sorry, Google Street-View, but you don't have a pulse).

Who are our Local Boots?

Our "Local Boots" are people who live in any city where we offer (or will soon offer) Stray Boots Games, and who love exploring their hometown, discovering new things, and playing with new technology. They help us when we need a pair of feet on the ground or a set of eyes to tell us how they like or don't like new things we're doing. In exchange for their help and feedback, we hook our friends up with perks like free games to use or send as gifts, exclusive access to new products, and other cool benefits. Read on for more details...

What sorts of things do our Local Boots get involved with?

  • beta testing new games & gameplay features
  • giving us feedback about our website
  • keeping game content accurate and up to date
  • researching fun facts to put in the game
  • local marketing
  • being an MC for group events (for $)

What's the time commitment?

We're easy to work with. Helping us out doesn't take more than a few hours a month, and all the work is really fun!

How do you get involved?

Fill out this short form. Or if you're just interested in beta testing new games, you can register here.