Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Don't Have an Art Attack!

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Regular Price: $12.00

As one of the nation's premiere art museums, PMA is bound to Rock-y your world. As you ascend its majestic steps you'll be whisked away to a land of antiquity. You'll discover amazing artifacts and towering tapestries, then rush back to the future for a taste of modern masterpieces.  Meditate in ancient monasteries and sing praise for the Gothic beauty of medieval convents. The museum never fails to make a good impression(ist) and will introduce you to all the local heroes like Thomas Eakins and his cohorts. You'll be sure to grab a slice of Americana before you fill up on early Renaissance masterworks. Just don't Picasso a fight over who's the most talented artist, or you'll be swiftly hauled out of the museum on the horse your Rodin on. 

PLEASE NOTE: Museum admission is not included in Stray Boots ticket price. Admission must be purchased at the museum.

Additionally, Cell reception and WiFi may be limited in areas of the museum.

For the best experience, we STRONGLY recommend that you download the tour before getting to the museum. You can do this by viewing you tour (head to the page that says "Go!") and pressing the button marked "Download ahead of time." 


  • Ancient Temples
  • World Famous Impressionists
  • Remarkable Renaissance Paintings
  • Philadelphia Masters
  • Majestic Tapestries
  • Amazing American Art

Recommended Playing Times

Tues-Sun: 10AM-5PM. Mon: CLOSED

Starting Point

Great Stair Hall, 2nd Floor