Special Occasions Scavenger Hunts

Special Occasions

Make your party unique from the regular old, humdrum gathering with our cell phone guided scavenger hunts! You and your friends will get to explore the city in a totally new way that gets everyone involved for an unforgettable experience. Our hunts can be played on your own schedule and with your cell phones, so you don’t have to disrupt any other party plans you may have. That’s right, you can do the entire experience using your own phones, with the ease of sending a text message or surfing your phone’s web browser! Our games bring you to an eclectic selection of our handpicked spots and ask you to answer trivia, solve riddles, take silly photos, and more. Whether you are all locals or out-of-towners, long time friends or new acquaintances, our hunts will fit the bill for your next celebration!

How it Works

You’ll all meet up at the starting location and activate your phones. Receive fun challenges that take you to interesting spots around the neighborhood, doing goofy tasks along the way (no previous knowledge is necessary). As you complete each challenge, you’ll earn points and learn fun facts about the area. Our scavenger hunts are brought to you entirely by cell phone, so you can get your score in real time, ask for hints, and view all the great pictures you took along the way whenever you finish. Trust us – your friends will be copying you for their next event!

To set up your party simply purchase one of our standard scavenger hunts. Once you purchase you will receive an activation e-mail that explains how to begin your hunt. If you are interested in adding a bachelorette theme to your event contact us and we will send you a complimentary sheet of fun themed challenges to play alongside your scavenger hunt!

Clients Include

What People Are Saying

  • "The group had a blast, even the chaperones participated!"

    Des Y.
  • "Thanks so much. We had a great time, and it was a perfect beginning to my birthday celebrations. Great job, we had a blast!

    Alex C., New York, NY
  • "Really enjoyed it - great way for the kids to get to know the city. We'll definitely do it again - looking forward to seeing you in other cities. I'm telling all our friends.

    Amy W. , New Jersey
  • "The game was great, me and my friend had such a good time, we literally can't thank you enough. In all honesty, I can't think of anything negative to say, it was well worded, well directed and just really good fun! Seriously, keep up the good work!

    Ashley, New York, NY
  • "We liked the game because it took us to places and caused us to look at things we might not have otherwise.

    Bernadine, Washington DC
  • "We thought we knew our city, but this showed us a side we had never seen!

    Beth, Nashville
  • "We really enjoyed playing the game. It was very interesting and informative; directions were good and we got speedy responses on your end once we solved a clue. I've already recommended it to a few people.

    Carla, New Jersey
  • "This was one of the best city experiences I've ever had. I have been to Nashville many times before. Â Two members of my group actually have lived in Nashville. We had SO MUCH FUN exploring they city and learning so much that we didn't know before.

    Carmen F., Nashville
  • "My wife and I loved the game. Its such a neat way to tour a city that allows for a good amount of user control. We'll use the game again if we travel to another city. Aloha and thanks again!

    Casey & Marissa, Hawaii
  • "We really enjoyed it. We really loved all of the little facts that were sent out in the message after we gave our answer. It's fun to walk around and check out all of the buildings, but learning about some of the history was very interesting. It was engaging, it kept us moving, and it was fun the whole way through.

    Corey, Santa Monica, CA
  • "Great date- this way you can talk and joke around with your partner, see different things, and you always have something to talk about.

    David, NYC
  • "I have lived in NYC for 23 years and my girlfriend and I had an amazing time with the game. We didn't know what to expect but every single stop was something new that we haven't seen before, or might have seen but never stopped to notice. One of the best dates we had together. Would recommend for anyone!

    Don, NYC
  • "We had lots of fun. Perfect idea for a couple on their 2nd date!

    Joe, Hoboken, NJ
  • "The hunt was awesome! I've lived in Philly for several years now (and even did an event with my company around Old City) and the game still showed me things I had never noticed before. Really enjoyed the facts, too.

    Jonathan & Elizabeth, Philadelphia, PA
  • "All of my friends, my parents, and myself had an amazing time playing The Game! Finding each clue and destination was so fun & it was fascinating to learn all the facts after we found the clue. Thanks again!!!

    Kelsey, Connecticut
  • "What a fun way to explore the city and see parts I never would have explored after living here my whole life! I loved the mix of fun and history!

    Lindsay, Philadelphia
  • "Great for tourists AND locals! I've been living in the city for about a year and a half, and have now completed the three available Boston tours. I've done two with my boyfriend (who also lives in the city) and one with a friend visiting from Minnesota. I thought I knew a lot about this city, but I learned as much as my tourist friend did!

    Lisa, Boston
  • "Really fun - especially for my kids. They thought we were on the Amazing Race! Also, my husband and I saw parts of Chicago we had never seen before and we lived there for 15 years!

    Peggy, Chicago
  • "It was a great time. We played as 2 teams and everyone enjoyed it. (My team won!)

    Robin, Indiana
  • "The NY game is a perfect way to appreciate the smaller details that normally go unnoticed in those locations. It was tons of fun searching for all the answers.

    Ryan, Louisiana
  • "We learned new, interesting facts about NYC, which was helpful since we'd never been there before.

    Sara, Detroit, MI
  • "We absolutely loved our Scavenger Hunt game!! This is way too cool! We are already planning our next one! Great job!

    Sarah L., Philadelphia
  • "We loved the game and the trivia tidbits you provided once we figured out the answers. In fact, the rest of our trip was spent laughing as we tried to remember the trivia or twist it to confuse each other. lol

    Sharon, Akron, OH

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