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Strayboots scavenger hunt was great! We blasted around the city getting to see and discover all sorts of things! The app worked very well all around the city. Andrew Greaves, Amazon

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Embark on a thrilling Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt with your team! Flexibly designed to be conducted anywhere, this interactive experience combines creativity, teamwork, and fun. Capture unique moments, tackle engaging challenges, and build lasting team spirit, all at your convenience. Perfect for teams of any size and location.

Whether you’re looking to connect with your team, spice up a corporate event, or just have some fun, our Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt is perfect for any group, anywhere.


The ultimate team-building adventure!

How It Works
1. Get Your Challenges
Sign in and receive your curated list of photo challenges. Each challenge is designed to be fun, engaging, and suitable for everyone.

2. Create Your Route
With no set path to follow, you and your team have the freedom to choose which challenges to tackle and in what order. Plan your route, strategize, and set out on your adventure.

3. Capture the Moments
As you explore and complete challenges, snap photos to capture your achievements. Each photo is a memory in the making and a step closer to victory.
Hear from Our Happy Hunters
"Absolutely the best team outing we've had! We got to explore our creativity and got some great pictures and memories along the way."
Michelle D., Marketing Coordinator

"Planning our route and tackling the challenges as a team was a blast. Highly recommend it for any company looking to team-build in a unique and fun way!"
Alex T., Project Manager

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How it looks

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Why Choose Strayboots for a Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt?

Flexibility: No matter where you are, our Photo Quest can come to you. It’s the perfect fit for remote teams, or groups spread across multiple locations.

Team Building: Enhance team spirit, foster creativity, and promote friendly competition. It’s a refreshing break from the routine that brings teams together.

Memorable Moments: Not just another day at the office! Our scavenger hunt makes any event unforgettable with laughter, creativity, and camaraderie.

FAQ: Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt

Participants only need a smartphone with a camera. We provide all the details and the list of challenges digitally, so you can start your adventure from anywhere.

The duration can vary based on the number of challenges you choose to complete, but most teams spend about 2-3 hours on the hunt. It’s flexible, so you can adjust it to fit your schedule.

No, there’s no limit. Our scavenger hunt works for any group size, from small teams to large corporate events.

The scavenger hunt encourages teams to collaborate creatively to solve challenges and strategize their route. This fosters communication, teamwork, and a sense of shared accomplishment.

Our scavenger hunt is flexible— you can reschedule or modify the event to include indoor challenges. We’re here to help make sure your experience is enjoyable, rain or shine.

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