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Dive into a world of excitement with our selection of team-building adventures! Whether you're looking for an in-person scavenger hunt that'll take you through the heart of the city, or prefer to connect your team with our engaging team building activities, we've got you covered. Each option is a gateway to laughter, learning, and unforgettable team moments. Just pick your path and let the adventures begin!


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Each and every team was engaged, and the feedback was outstanding – we accomplished everything as planned, and much more!

Janine Moreno JP Morgan

Our Strayboots experience was top notch. Getting set up was a quick and painless process, communication was excellent and customer service was on point. Highly recommended!

Tom Supple Google

An amazing solution for new employees, we received rave reviews and everyone were so engaged! I never saw them that engaged, and was never able to teach them about the company as fast as it was with Strayboots

Melissa Zucker Public Reputation

What the group enjoyed about this was mingling with people that they maybe don’t always work with, or at least mingling with people in a different way. This is a work group, we do engage with each other in a variety of ways, but not like this.

Debbie Smith Microsoft

Strayboots is a great activity. We created a fun custom hunt at our campus - where new employees get a chance to visit different offices, meet other employees and learn more about the company. Our teams love it! They always come back with a smile.

Marta Strzyzewska

Make the most of your team outing

Get your team out of the office and into some real fun! Our team-building activities are designed to boost camaraderie, spark creativity, and leave everyone with unforgettable memories. Whether you're solving puzzles in a city-wide scavenger hunt or tackling challenges together, we make sure your outing turns into an epic adventure. Perfect for teams of all sizes, our activities are a surefire way to strengthen bonds and inject some energy into your group. Let's turn your next team outing into a highlight of the year!


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Smiling Participants

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Stunning Adventures

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