Team Building and Scavenger Hunt Reviews

Strayboots is a leading provider of mobile scavenger hunts and team building activities, with more than 10,000 customers in 300+ cities worldwide. Here's what some of them had to say about their experience.

We had a GREAT time! The hunt format worked perfect for us and with the sustainability theme is was the BOMB. Even those hard to impress were impressed. SCORE!

Liz Caldwell GPJ

Thank you all so much for the AMAZING scavenger hunt. The entire team enjoyed the hunt and had a blast. Nothing is better than seeing a bunch of adults whirl thru a museum and not run over school age children to find an answer.

Donta Gonzalez AAMC

We received excellent feedback and rave reviews. Each and every team was engaged, and the feedback was outstanding – we accomplished everything as planned, and much more!

Janine Moreno JP Morgan Chase

I can think of no tangible improvements. It was a great experience!!! So fun!! I have and will continue to recommend to others. Thank you for such a great team building event.

Brian Bonecutter Lockton Companies

It was amazing !!!!! I received such great feedback!! Everyone really enjoyed and I think we really met our goals! They enjoyed together as a team and worked so well together. Thanks so much for all you help! You really rocked it!

Lee Taylor Payoneer

Everyone enjoyed the scavenger hunt at the museum... At any rate, everyone thought it was loads of fun! There was complete engagement, and nobody felt left out or wasn’t enthusiastic. We got lots of laughs, and had great team work. We certainly did get our exercise too!

Evelyn Chiang Ferrero USA

This was an overwhelmingly positive, awesome experience. Our groups loved being in an area where they regularly are, but seeing things they had never seen before.

Holly Halmo NYU

What the group enjoyed about this was mingling with people that they maybe don’t always work with, or at least mingling with people in a different way. This is a work group, we do engage with each other in a variety of ways, but not like this.

Debbie Smith Microsoft

Planning these events can be such a headache, so being able to take this off of my plate was a big deal. You made it so easy!

Amber Nagel Whistle Labs

Let's face it, team building events are not always "fun"... THIS ONE WAS AWESOME! We did not feel like we were "team building", we felt like we were friend out having a good time. What a great activity for friends or co-workers!

Joe Ferrari Healogics

THANK YOU for a terrific scavenger hunt! We’ve received rave reviews across the board, and several people told me this was our best holiday event ever. I’m hoping to give it some time and then do another hunt with you for a future event.

Lynsey Buerer UCSD

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