How Team Building Can Make Fresh Graduates Comfortable in Their First Job

Strayboots team building scavenger hunts

Team building is an effective management strategy that helps to endorse better work relationships, make employees comfortable at their jobs, and gain better results. It is important for established teams and particularly for newcomers.

Strayboots team building scavenger hunts


Problems of Fresh Graduates in a Workplace

Employing graduates is beneficial for companies as they gain new motivated employees with a desire to learn and bring value to the business. Young specialists might lack experience but are eager to improve and earn their place in the industry.

However, the transition to a completely new environment might be challenging for many. Fresh graduates need to adjust to new structures, processes, and new people as well. College life is quite different. And in a new workplace, one might not be sure who to ask for help or who to go to with questions.

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But when it comes to a new work environment, the route to solving problems is not so transparent. There are several common problems fresh graduates face in a new workplace that management needs to consider. These problems are:

  • Adjustment period;
  • Time management difficulties;
  • Stress because of the many unknown factors and high level of responsibility;
  • Understanding work culture and navigating the workplace;
  • Dealing with feedback;
  • Establishing healthy relations with colleagues;
  • Managing accountability.

Experienced managers know about these issues and take a proactive approach to solve them. After all, the team is as effective as every part of it and the collaboration between them. Team building activities endorse communication, creativity, and problem-solving. It also helps new employees to feel more welcomed in a company.


Importance of Team Building

The main goal of such activities and exercises is to increase the bond between members of a group. This solves a lot of issues with onboarding and establishing work relations.

Here are some interesting facts about it:

  • According to Harvard Business Review, it helps reduce stress. When done right, it ensures constructive communication and supportive collaboration. As a result, an employee doesn’t feel isolated and stressed.
  • The feeling of isolation reduces a person’s productivity by 21%, as reported by the Gallup article.
  • Another Harvard Business Review study shows that socializing between colleagues improves communication patterns by 50%.
  • MIT Dynamics Laboratory claims that the performance is the best in groups that communicate and collaborate in informal situations. The source claims it to be the most important performance factor.

The main thing to know before implementing such activities is that it can solve most of the issues fresh graduates might face in a company.

Strayboots team building scavenger hunts


Benefits of Team Building

Responsible management solves the problems that stand in the way of productivity – poor communication, lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and unhealthy corporate culture. The team-building activities offer a wide range of advantages to any business. Here are the main ones.

Better Teamwork

It is a great way to create a safe and collaborative environment to endorse trust between employees. They get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses. They also learn how to use them effectively when working together.

Good Communication

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of communication. It is vital for any team. And such exercises outside of the formal circumstances break barriers between people. This is particularly great for welcoming newcomers and making their transition smooth.

In a fun and interactive activity, they get to know all other colleagues and talk to them. This solves the issues of social anxiety, stress, or feeling of isolation.

Overall Productivity

Team building is amazing when it comes to unity and achieving common goals. In many cases, productivity issues stem from unclear goals, lack of motivation, and lack of emotional connection. It is essential to encourage people to reach common objectives and goals. This way, they can gain a sense of community, shared responsibility, and more emotional involvement in what they do.

When all team members feel connected, they put in more effort. Also, they are more likely to stay loyal to the company when they have strong relations.

Increased Creativity

Team building happens outside of the usual business environment. This is an efficient way to set the team in a more creative mood. They are now in a completely different situation, which endorses problem-solving and a fresh perspective. As a result, employees discuss the means to reach the goal and do so fast.

This helps create new approaches to various situations. As a result, the team becomes more creative, which is always great for a business.

Improved Morale

A lot of times, such activities happen in the form of games. This is fun and entertaining, which increases the morale of the group. They get a break from common circumstances and get to do something enjoyable together. This creates a pattern of positive communication and reinforcement.

It is also essential for creating a healthy corporate culture and welcoming fresh graduates into it. In a game, they can learn to navigate a new environment.

Develop Confidence

Confidence is another important factor in the overall group’s productivity. Different games and exercises ensure more confidence in individuals and the team as a whole. As a result, graduates might share more ideas and feel confident in their value and contribution. They can trust their coworkers more, which is essential to more independence among employees.

Strayboots team building scavenger hunts


Fresh graduates might face significant difficulties when entering the workforce. They have to adjust to the new environment and structure as well as build great relations with the established team. This is where team-building activities come in handy. They promote confidence, productivity, creativity, and healthy corporate culture.



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