How It Works

It's a breeze - from planning your event to celebrating at the finish.

We are a one-stop solution for your group events.

With a specialized team of planners, innovators, and explorers, we carefully curate experiences for groups like yours. The best part? We will do all of the heavy lifting -- you just focus on the fun. Plain and simple.

We are the leading provider of mobile experiences worldwide. With seven years, over 1,000 events, and more than 300,000 happy customers under our belt, we are confident that we can provide the perfect event with you in mind.

Our technology makes it easier than ever to play on the go.
Client Dashboard

Stay on top of your game from beginning to end with the Client Dashboard. Manage the event beforehand and monitor during.

  • Custom colors & logo
  • Custom start and & end messages
  • Team planning tool
  • Customized bonus questions
  • Real-time event monitoring
Mobile Interface

All Through Your Phone.

  • 30-35 point-based text & photo challenges
  • Chat
  • Live leaderboard
  • Interactive map
  • Premium Support Agents available during event
Mobile Interface
Post-Event Sharing

Once the dust has settled, share and relive your experience.

  • Online Event Summary page
  • Unlimited access to scoreboard & photos
  • Unlimited sharing

Tips & Tricks: Make the most out of your team building experience.

Keep teams small

Teams of 5-6 people are better for facilitating group communication and allow the teams to move quickly during the activity.

Plan ahead

Assign teams a few days before the event and encourage them to come up with a team name or even a special outfit. We have a planning tool built in to give you a leg up!

Reward the winners

Anything from gift cards, humorous trophies/medals, or additional vacation days, to lunch with the boss, concert tickets, and more. We can even provide these for you -- contact us for more information on our VIP Packages.

End with a bang!

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of the activity. Choose an ending location at a restaurant or bar to let the fun continue or continue the team building with some of our add-on packages.

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