Social Media engagement and audience development

How do you build engagement through social media? Are you trying to expand your customer engagement or work more with your employees? Social Media allows for both. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you as a company to create a customer relationship that will last. Through a survey of 4,654 U.S. adults, the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of US adults get news/ social interaction on social media, with 18 percent doing so often. Back in 2012, the figure reported, based on a slightly different question, was only 49 percent. This type of direct marketing allows you to get to know your target customers. 

The four aspects of social engagements are:

1)    Start a Conversation

Posting an image is more likely to receive attention on Twitter and Facebook. By using user-generated content such as images and graphs and responding to them in a timely manner creates a fun and engaging environment for customers and employees. We like to start conversations such as posting images from the winning teams from our Strayboots Scavenger HuntsTwitter Q&A sessions open the door for conversations and allow for a two-way street. Engaging content creates an in for your business or your employees. Employees will be more engaged in your brand by using and promoting their experiences on social media. 

2)    Promoting your Brand

Expand on what you post on social media and allow employees and influencers to post about your products. This publicity and freedom can engage a wide range of audiences. Strayboots works with companies to test out our product! We use specific hashtags to promote our business. We work with dedicated staff across the country to promote and review our Scavenger Hunts to make sure they are in tip-top shape.

team building activities Strayboots

3)    Intertwining current events into content

We use topical events to promote our brands, such as holidays or trending topics on Twitter and Instagram. This includes specific hashtags and combining our Scavenger Hunts with current events. 

4)   Pay Attention

Make sure you respond to messages/ mentions/ posts in a timely manner. Allow your employees to take over social media takeovers. This promotes team building! Maintain the same “voice” but have your employees be involved. 

team building Strayboots

All in all, have fun with social media! It’s a fun marketing tool that allows for creativity and engaging with a wide audience in the quickest amount of time. Whether you’re trying to bring in a new audience or promoting team building skills, social media is a great tool to use.  




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