Why ‘Employee Engagement’ Should Be More than a Buzzword at Your Business

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Engaged employees are the driving force for business success. They’re the people who show dedication and commitment to their roles, giving 110% every day – but also understanding that there has to be a solid work/life balance, too, and refusing to compromise on that.

It’s this well-rounded attitude that helps contribute to a thriving workplace community. Far from being a trendy phrase, employee engagement works both in and out of the office. Here’s how.


What employees do away from the workplace matters

Taking an interest in what employees do in their free time matters, and encouraging pursuits that enrich and enhance life experiences is one way to get better employee engagement in work time. Activities like voluntary work and impact tourism are fantastic ways of gaining valuable life experience that can be utilized in work life. They’re incredible opportunities to travel, see the world, and learn how other cultures live and work, giving employees a better global view and perspective in the longer term.


Increased Innovation and Creativity

Encouraging employees through pursuits away from the workplace allows them to think creatively and laterally about their day-to-day work lives. If people are challenged and exposed to other world views and ideas, it will then lead to better communication and an ability to think about what they do more laterally. It’s a win-win all round.

When workers are allowed free reign to express themselves and openly discuss their thoughts and ideas, it fosters better relationships and higher work standards. A by-product of this is the next point…

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Engaged employees and satisfied clients and customers

A group of engaged employees, happy in their work and satisfied that they have the right balance away from the office, means that clients and customers are conversely more likely to be satisfied with the level of service they receive and keep engaging with the business. This then has a rolling effect on people’s morale, further boosting productivity.

Happy clients and customers are also more likely to offer recommendations and positive reviews, further boosting the company’s profile.


Plan opportunities for advancement and improvement

If employees are engaged and given the time and space to operate creatively and proactively, then they’re also more likely to stay with the company and advance themselves rather than drift away after a couple of years to look for new opportunities elsewhere.

Companies that offer many chances to improve skills, educate themselves, and have a real chance of career advancement are more likely to retain staff than those that don’t.

Why? Well, these companies are the ones that realize the employees are the backbone of the business, and without them, they wouldn’t be in the position they are. Encouraging, motivating, and offering stability is a real way of gaining trust, hard work, and loyal engagement to a company brand.

Fostering team building, individual work ethics and a great dynamic in the workplace is essential – as is encouraging employees to follow their dreams away from the office too.


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