Custom Team Building Events

Design a unique team building experience with Strayboots' custom events. Tailored to your company's values and culture, our interactive activities offer a unique blend of fun, competition, and exploration. Let us help you create an unforgettable team building event.

Custom Team Building Events Tailored to Your Needs

Unleash your creativity and design a custom event for your team with the help of our experienced event planners. Our interactive and challenging team-building scavenger hunts will take your team on a unique journey, exploring the best areas of your selected location in a fun, safe, and engaging way.


Custom Corporate Events: Your Wish is Our Command
At Strayboots, we understand that every team is unique. That’s why we offer custom corporate events that cater to your company’s values and practices. Engage your team’s competitive side while exploring your surroundings with activities tailored specifically for your company.


One-of-a-Kind Challenges
From bonus questions about company values to photo challenges at your favorite locations, we can create an event that features unique challenges that align with your company’s culture. Want an on-site Strayboots host? We’ve got you covered.

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FAQs: Custom Team Building Events with Strayboots

1. What makes Strayboots custom team building events unique?

Strayboots custom events are tailored to your team’s needs, incorporating unique challenges that align with your company’s values and culture for a truly unique team building experience.

2. How personalized can our custom event be?

From company-specific trivia to photo challenges at chosen locations, we can design an event that perfectly reflects your team and company culture.

3. What’s the typical duration of a custom event?

Event duration varies based on your needs, but we work closely with you to ensure the event fits your schedule.

4. Can custom events accommodate teams of all sizes?

Absolutely! We can tailor events to suit small teams or large corporations, ensuring everyone has an engaging experience.

5. How have other companies responded to Strayboots custom events?

Our custom events have received positive feedback for their uniqueness, fun, and alignment with company values. Check our testimonials for more details.

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How Strayboots Works

Where, When,
& How Many?

Pick the date, location and group size and we'll create a personalized team building package for your group

Create Teams
& Get Started

Split your group up into teams and have them meet at the predesignated starting points in your city of choice

View Clues on
Your Mobile

Each team "captain" receives a link and instructions on their smartphone to lead their teammates to each clue

Solve Challenges

Participants work together and learn new things about their city and each other, while racing to the finish