4 Ways To Keep Your Tech Team Motivated

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Your tech team is the backbone of your business. With them, you can run your business efficiently and effectively. These people create and maintain systems that allow for smooth daily operations. 

Thus, you have to motivate your tech team to inspire them to keep working on making technologies up and running. If you fail to do so, you might miss out on data security and IT infrastructure maintenance, which could lead to a loss of customer trust due to information negligence. On the one hand, prioritizing their motivation will boost the tech team retention rate, which means being able to keep your best talents for a long.

Here are four practical ways you can motivate your tech team: 

1 – Team-Building Activities 

Organizations can encourage teamwork among their tech staff by promoting team-building activities. Teams can bond while they accomplish a common goal by participating in activities such as scavenger hunts or escape rooms. This creates an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the company. As a result, they’ll be more enthusiastic about their respective duties and feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. 

When it comes to team-building activities, many different types can work for your tech staff. Here are five ideas: 

  • After-Hour Bonding Activities: Social events are a great way to bring your team closer together. These can range from happy hour parties to barbecues to team outings where you go bowling or paintballing together. These activities help build relationships among coworkers. They also help prevent burnout by giving tech employees time off from work to recharge their batteries before returning to the grind.
  • Problem-Solving-Based Activities: When you put your team through problem-solving exercises, it’ll test how well they work together and how creative they can be when faced with challenges. Such activities will also allow them to see their strengths and how they can use them in future projects.
  • Competitive Team Activities: Competitive-based activities pit your tech employees against each other in fun competitions that test their abilities as individuals or teams to compete against one another for a prize or reward at the end of the day. You can use this to improve communication and problem-solving skills and encourage team members’ cooperation. 
  • Brainstorming Sessions: These activities are a great way to get everyone involved in creating new ideas and concepts that can help you grow as an organization and improve your overall business model. This will also allow them to express themselves through ideas and concepts that they might not have been able to communicate before. 
  • Volunteering Opportunities: Volunteering isn’t only great for the society and keeping your tech team motivated!  By volunteering together, they’ll be able to build stronger bonds with one another while helping people in need at the same time!  In addition, such types of activities will allow your team members to see how they can affect change in other people’s lives. 

With these five team-building activities, your tech team members can have a better rapport with one another, resulting in better collaborations and, thus, higher-quality outputs.

Strayboots - team building scavenger hunts


2 – Offer Career Development Opportunities 

Career development opportunities are a great way to keep your employees engaged and motivated. This strategy will keep your tech team feeling like they’re growing and moving forward with their careers as they stay in your organization. As a result, you might prevent them from seeking growth opportunities in other companies that might benefit from their innovative expertise.

Here are two viable options in this realm:

  • Cross-Training: Cross-training allows employees to learn more about different aspects of your business. For example, one employee might be trained in coding and data analysis, while another might be taught in project management and customer service. This helps employees develop a broader understanding of how their roles fit into the larger picture of the company, which can lead to increased engagement, especially if they can see how their work contributes directly to its success. 
  • Mentoring: On top of cross-training programs, you should also encourage mentoring relationships among employees who have complementary skills or work in different areas of your business. This allows both parties to share tech knowledge, expertise, and insights with one another, ultimately making them better at what they do. Mentoring relationships can also help employees feel more connected and encouraged by one another’s successes.

With these strategies, you increase your tech team’s drive for learning, motivating them to expand their knowledge every chance they get.


3 – Provide Modern Technologies 

Modern technologies are a must-have for today’s businesses. They allow you to increase the efficiency of your processes, automate manual work, and save money. If you don’t provide your team with these tools, they might lose their drive, affecting their productivity. Such issues might lead to increased errors and missed deadlines. 

Here’s a list of the best modern technologies that you must provide your tech team to motivate them: 

  • MQTT QoS: The message queueing telemetry transport quality of service (MQTT QoS) protocol is a messaging standard for constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With these capabilities, adopting the MQTT QoS protocol can motivate your tech team because they can work on challenging projects much more easily. It’s important for a full-stack developer to grasp different technologies, especially the trending ones in IoT. So, reading articles in this sphere and learning more about MQTT protocol in general and specific topics such as MQTT QoS is a must. 
  • Voice-Enabled Assistants: These can boost productivity in the workplace, especially your tech teams, as they allow users to perform different tasks just by using voice commands. Aside from that, they’ll help your tech team become more efficient and agile in implementing technologies and discovering system vulnerabilities, among others. 
  • Automated Testing Platforms: These tools have allowed developers to test applications before they go live to ensure they work correctly across multiple devices and browsers. These also help developers find bugs in codes before they can cause any damage, which means they can fix them before they negatively affect users. 
  • The Cloud: Cloud computing allows users to access files from anywhere, at any time, which makes it ideal for those who travel or work remotely. The cloud also provides an easy way for companies to securely store their data online without worrying about losing or damaging them due to natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes. 
  • Virtual Reality Headsets: VR headsets can help your team create better user experiences for your customers by allowing them to experience a product firsthand before buying it. It also helps them improve their productivity by enabling them to collaborate remotely or even see what the other person is doing in real-time. 
  • Touchscreen Tablets: These versatile devices allow people to access information from anywhere. They’re also lightweight enough for users to hold them or place them on their laps while working or relaxing. This makes them ideal for office environments where people need constant access to information but still want the freedom to move around as they, please. 
  • Continuous Delivery Platforms: These technological tools automatically build new features and releases daily. These platforms integrate with source control systems and run automated build processes on every pull request.
  • Real-Time Integration Platforms: These tools automate unit tests, linting code quality checks, and compiling codes. They also provide feedback about code quality so that the concerned team can improve it before pushing it into the production environment.

Those are some of the technological tools that are vital for this modern business landscape and for motivating your tech team to be at their optimum at all times.

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4 – Recognize Individual Contributions 

When employees feel undervalued, morale suffers. This can lead to lower productivity and a higher employee turnover rate, directly impacting profitability. In addition, if your company ignores your tech team, you’ll miss opportunities to collaborate with this group on the latest technological innovations. As a result, you might not be able to keep up with the competition since you won’t know about efficient modern tools to help you grow revenue streams. 

To avoid this situation, you must recognize your tech team’s individual achievements. For instance, you give out awards to the best-performing ones at the end of each month or year. Doing so ensures they receive due recognition and makes everyone else aware of how their work contributes to the organization’s success.  

Similarly, consider acknowledging your tech team’s efforts by highlighting their milestones on social media. This way, members from other departments will recognize their work, encouraging them to be more productive. In turn, you can build a workforce that thrives through healthy competition, which can benefit your company in the long run.


Key Takeaway  

A tech team is integral to any organization, especially IT consulting companies. They’re crucial in keeping the company’s data secure and creating new software that helps with everyday operations.

Motivating your tech professionals to improve their productivity is essential to your company’s ongoing success. And fortunately, you can rely on techniques other than monetary incentives to further encourage them to do better at what they do, like the ones included on this list. Through these, you can keep them highly engaged and driven at all times.



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