Recruitment in 2024: How AI is shaping the business world for good

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2020 will probably go down in history as one of the more transformative years of modern history. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way people interact, work, and live their lives as members of society. As a result of the pandemic, remote work has become common, creating more opportunities for innovation, especially in AI or artificial intelligence. Recruitment has mostly been a manual process for several years, but this may end with several procedures such as screening CVs for current keywords, ticking the matching skill sets being shifted to automation.


Use of smart technology in recruitment

It is not surprising for anyone that the pandemic has set back several industries. However, for many industries, this presents an opportunity to diversify and embrace the digital sector. We are close to the middle of 2024, and the chances of a normal future are brighter than ever, although several industries are still stuck in a pause mode. Everyone, including recruitment people, seems to have embraced digital working methods. As it turns out, recruitment doesn’t have to be an entirely manual task. The advancement in virtual recruitment shows no sign of slowing down, with more than 80% of the managers saying that they might continue using videos for interviews even after the pandemic.


Various organizations are open to alternative working methods. More than 70% of the organizations say that they expect many of their employees to keep working remotely even after the COVID threat is under control. Around 60% of the US workers working from home wish to keep on with the current trend to work remotely. Due to the additional focus on working remotely, organizations are looking for new recruitment methods. This is where natural language programming (NLP), predictive analytics, and AI come into the picture. You can expect an unrivaled candidate experience in 2024 by using AI.


AI in recruitment - Strayboots

Using AI in recruitment

Artificial intelligence is a technology that asks computers to think like human beings over time. AI is shaping practically all industries, and it is gaining popularity. Most organizations can save time, money, and effort by streamlining all the manual and archaic tasks, such as searching for the right candidates. The customers can use the automated customer support that is available 24/7. However, the real place where AI comes into its own is the actual recruitment process. As human beings, we are prone to making snap judgments about others, which can mean you will miss out on high-quality candidates due to this bias. On the other hand, computers can analyze the candidate data objectively and highlight the skills currently missed in the organization and the kind of candidate that will be suitable for the job.


Computers do not have human emotions, but by using AI, you can decipher human emotions using patterns. AI can reduce the lead time required to scan all the applicants and extract the keywords in the videos. This can help in ranking the applications automatically from the most qualified to the least suited. As remote recruitment is all set to continue even in different places, some organizations will use PEO services for recruitment. If you are looking for a PEO service, make sure to read what a PEO is exactly and how it helps companies get the best talents out there. Similarly, you can use AI software to help narrow down a list of thousands of candidate applications remotely and quickly. The AI tools will provide a small list of top-quality candidates fast.


The pandemic effect

Many people, thousands of them, have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Due to this, the organizations that normally get just a handful of applications for a position receive thousands of applications nowadays. This is where artificial intelligence can come in handy. Consider the example of Vodafone. It was reported recently that this company receives over 1,000,000 applications for around 1,000 positions.

The implementation of AI has meant that human bias has been removed from the recruitment process. AI programs can extract certain data points from video interviews. Your AI software will evaluate the verbal and video cues and compare the word choice, body language, facial movements, and tone. This will aid the hiring team in identifying the best candidate.


AI in recruitment - Strayboots

Gamify your recruitment process

An important part of your recruitment process is to help your new hires get to know the company and its culture better. Services like Strayboots Bootscamp allow you to gamify your onboarding process and provide an out-of-the-box learning experience. It also gives your company a cultural edge. An unusual, creative method for training talent in a way that promotes active and social learning. Talk to us to learn more about how you can also gamify your onboarding process.



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