Types of Team Building Activities That Really Work

Strayboots team building activities

Developing a sense of unity amongst your teams is a great way to increase productivity. What better way to accomplish this task, then through a variety of team building activities? A team that works well together is much more successful, plus the added benefit of being happier in the workplace, by establishing a bond within your team you can create a sense of accomplishment.

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Team Bonding

If you are looking to create and develop a bond between your team members, you should try the Battle of the Air bands activity. This activity allows you to gather teams to rehearse and perform a lip-synced song of whatever type of song or artists they want. They can have a couple days to prepare as a team by choosing their songs, getting costumes or even creating a routine. It’s a great activity to not only bond members of a team but to have some fun and let loose. Check out more team bonding options here.

Communication Skills

If your team’s communication skills are lacking, give the Back to Back version of drawing a try. Split up your team into pairs and make each of them sits with their back facing each other. One person will get a picture of a simple image, and the other will get the pencil and paper. The one with the picture will provide instructions to the other about what the image is. After it’s done, it’s time to compare the images. This is a great way to build communication skills among team members. Check also our recent blog post on the importance or open communication lines and interaction among team members.

Problem-Solving Skills

The frostbite game is a great one to help develop better problem-solving skills. Gather a team of four to five people and allow them to be arctic explorers who are going across the tundra. Each team should have a leader. All of a sudden a storm hit and each team must create energy shelter in order to survive the storm. But both of the leaders of each team suffer from frostbite on their hands, so they are not able to work on the shelter. It’s up to the rest of the team, who has snow blindness to create it. Using materials like toothpicks, rubber bands, and sticky notes, each team must create a structure with the help and instructions from their frostbitten leader.

The Conclusion!

With so many different types of team building activities available to do, you will never get bored with the same old ones. By mixing up different activities to suit the skills you are working on, you can create a more productive working environment. By allowing members of the same team to thrive, you can lead your business or company on a path of success that is unstoppable!!!


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