How To Play

Receive Fun Challenges

Receive Fun Challenges

Receive challenges asking you to find things, solve riddles, take crazy photos, and answer trivia.

Earn Points

Earn Points

Complete the challenge to earn points. See how well you can do or split into teams and compete against each other.

Learn About The City

Learn About The City

After each challenge, you’ll get fun facts about the area. So you’re not just exploring the city, but learning about it as you go.

Things To Know About Your Tour

Play When You Want

Play when you want

Each tour has recommended times when stops are open. Play any time within the window. No reservation necessary.

Tours Take a Couple of Hours

Tours take a couple of hours

Tours are all walkable, tours are a mile or two at most. You can take breaks along the way too.

Add Teammates

Use Multiple Player Gameplay

Teammates can follow along on their own phones. Captains answer all the challenges.

Get Started!

Buy Your Favorite Tour on the Site or the App

Buy your favorite tour on the site or the app

Select a tour and the number of people going with you on the tour. We ask every person to purchase, but it’s completely an honor system.

Download the App and Activate

Buy your favorite tour on the site or the app Google Play Store

Download the Android app for free.
*Our iOS app is currently under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Load Your Tour
at Home

Load Your Tour At Home

Click "Go" while you have a strong connection. You don't need a connection to play if the tour is loaded beforehand.