NEW!! Bootscamp - Gamify Your Employee Onboarding

Virtual Trivia Games

The best solution to keep your remote employees engaged!
Our digital trivia games will bring your remote employees together with an interactive, game-sharing experience - all without leaving the comfort and safety of their home.

Hosted via Zoom, Webex, or your video conferencing software and one of our event facilitators, our shared activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together when in isolation, encouraging team bonding, morale and plenty of laughs for individuals that work remotely.

Remote Team Building

Here at Strayboots, your company is the center of the universe!
We understand there’s a lot of uncertainty around #COVID19, your events, and the health of your employees. And we know that sometimes, especially during this time, it's not that easy going out for a team building activity. That’s why we’ve put together an amazing Competitive Remote Trivia Game for you and your team! 👏

Looking for a way to boost team morale outside of the office? Grab your team and go on a Strayboots virtual experience filled with fun, that's specific to your company.

Give Strayboots a call or shoot us an email to learn more. It's time to test your team's knowledge in an adventurous way!

"We received excellent feedback and rave reviews. Each and every team was engaged, and the feedback was outstanding – we accomplished everything as planned, and much more!" - Janine Moreno, JP Morgan Chase
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How Strayboots Works

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& How Many?

Pick the date, location and group size and we'll create a personalized team building package for your group

Create Teams
& Get Started

Split your group up into teams and have them meet at the predesignated starting points in your city of choice

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Each team "captain" receives a link and instructions on their smartphone to lead their teammates to each clue

Solve Challenges

Participants work together and learn new things about their city and each other, while racing to the finish