VIP Packages for Premium Team Building Experiences

Elevate your team building efforts with our exclusive VIP Packages. Designed to offer the best of the best, our VIP Corporate Packages turn a day of team building into a memorable and engaging competition. 🏆

Exclusive Corporate VIP Packages: Team Building with a Touch of Luxury

Looking for a premium team building experience? Strayboots has you covered. Our VIP Packages take your team building activities to the next level, offering a unique and luxurious experience.


Team Building with Style
Step out of the office and boost team morale with our VIP Packages. We’ll make your team feel like VIPs with our luxury packages, each offering a unique blend of activities and exclusive services.


The Royal Treatment
From designated on-site event hosts to exclusive pre and post-event activities, we’ve got everything you need to give your team the royal treatment. Experience team building like never before with our VIP Packages.

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FAQs: VIP Team Building Packages

1. What is included in a Strayboots VIP Package?

Strayboots VIP Packages offer a premium team building experience, including on-site event facilitator, video summary of your event, and exclusive pre and post-event activities.

2. Can the VIP Package be customized for my team?

Yes, we offer different VIP Packages, each with unique features. We can work with you to choose the package that best meets your team’s needs.

3. How long does a VIP team building event last?

The duration of our VIP team building events usually take 2-3 hours, but they can vary based on your team’s needs and the specific package you choose.

4. Can all team sizes participate in a VIP team building event?

Our VIP Packages are suitable for teams of 30+ participants to large corporations.

5. What feedback have other companies given about Strayboots VIP team building events?

Our VIP team building events have received positive feedback for fostering teamwork, improving communication, and providing a unique, luxury experience. Check our testimonials page for more.

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How Strayboots Works

Where, When,
& How Many?

Pick the date, location and group size and we'll create a personalized team building package for your group

Create Teams
& Get Started

Split your group up into teams and have them meet at the predesignated starting points in your city of choice

View Clues on
Your Mobile

Each team "captain" receives a link and instructions on their smartphone to lead their teammates to each clue

Solve Challenges

Participants work together and learn new things about their city and each other, while racing to the finish