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At Strayboots, we're dedicated to delivering experiences that resonate with your team's spirit and goals. In Oakland, a city celebrated for its cultural diversity, historic richness, and natural beauty, we offer personalized events that perfectly align with your group's dynamics and objectives. Our approach is hands-on and collaborative, ensuring that your Oakland event not only meets but exceeds your expectations, leaving a lasting impression on all participants and making every moment an extraordinary adventure in this vibrant and welcoming Bay Area city. Whether exploring Oakland's urban energy or its tranquil natural escapes, we create experiences that strengthen bonds, enrich your team's experience, and celebrate the unique spirit of Oakland.

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Downtown Oakland Scavenger Hunt

Downtown Oakland is an area with an eclectic vibe and a rich history. Sites include a great mix of beautiful architecture, public squares and alternative art, grand theaters, and tiny local food spots.

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Berkeley – Elmwood & College Ave Scavenger Hunt

The Elmwood consists of beautiful old homes anchored by shops and restaurants along College Avenue and the nearby Claremont Resort. Some residents argue that Elmwood and not North Berkeley is the best place to live in town, but each neighborhood offers a wealth of things to see and do and visitors should judge for themselves.

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Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the ultimate team-building adventure! Whether you’re looking to connect with your team, spice up a corporate event, or just have some fun, our Photo Quest Scavenger Hunt is perfect for any group, anywhere.

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Food Tours and Culinary Adventures

Our culinary adventures aren't just about food; they're also about fostering teamwork, camaraderie, and shared experiences. Our food tours serve as the perfect platform for team building, offering unique opportunities for bonding and collaboration.

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FrogQuest Photo Scavenger Hunt

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? FrogQuest will make that happen! FrogQuest is a high-energy photo scavenger hunt that sets adventurous, costume-clad teams loose in the city to make spectacles of themselves and others as they frantically compete to capture daring, interactive photo quests on their smartphones. High score wins!

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Boost MoraleIndoorTeam Games
Fun Team Building Games

Strayboots' Fun Team Building Games transform corporate events into hubs of creativity and collaboration, enhancing team culture with engaging and innovative activities designed to boost morale and engagement.

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Boost MoraleHigh EnergyOutdoor
Outdoor Team Olympics

Dive into Strayboots' Outdoor Team Olympics for a mix of teamwork and outdoor adventure, creating stronger bonds and memorable moments. This experience is perfect for building cohesion and leadership through dynamic activities.

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Custom Team Building Events

Team building activities are a great way to increase team skills, and improve overall morale and productivity. We have created tailor-made activities, which will give your group a great sense of accomplishment in working together to complete challenging tasks, improve their teamwork, and have lots of fun!

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Virtual Team Building Games

The best solutions to keep your remote employees engaged! Our digital team building games enable teams to connect, have some fun and get competitive.
Hosted by our event facilitators, players must communicate and work with their teammates in order to progress. With plenty of laughs, our activities will create that feeling of unity.

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HybridOffice FunOnboarding
Employee Onboarding Solutions

Make a great first impression with Strayboots to welcome new hires! When you break up a day of training and paperwork with a custom Strayboots gamified experience, your new employees will get up to speed faster, know the office inside-out, learn more about your brand and culture, and enjoy a fun onboarding activity!

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Oakland Team Building Activities

Boost your team's morale with our Oakland team-building activities, designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and communication. Dive into challenges that explore the bustling streets of Uptown, solve puzzles amidst the serene beauty of Lake Merritt, or engage in interactive workshops that tap into Oakland's rich history and diverse culture. Our activities in Oakland are perfect for teams looking to blend fun with meaningful engagement, all while discovering the unique charm and vibrant community spirit of this Bay Area city.


Oakland Scavenger Hunts

Embark on an exciting journey through Oakland with our scavenger hunts, tailored for teams seeking a blend of exploration, learning, and a touch of competition. Navigate the historic Jack London Square, uncover hidden gems in the Redwood Regional Park, or decode clues along the dynamic streets of the Temescal district. These hunts not only encourage teamwork and strategic thinking but also offer a chance to experience Oakland’s eclectic mix of urban culture, natural beauty, and innovative spirit, creating unforgettable bonding experiences.

Oakland Corporate Events

Transform your Oakland corporate events with our customized activities that promise to captivate, motivate, and unite your team. Whether you’re planning a seminar, workshop, or celebration, our events are crafted to meet your specific needs, leveraging the unique backdrop of Oakland to create impactful experiences. From culinary challenges that showcase the city's renowned food scene to art walks that explore its vibrant street art, we ensure your event is not just successful but memorable, making every moment count with the distinct energy and creativity of Oakland.

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