10 Reasons to Teambuild with Your Team Outside

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With the summer just around the corner, we’ve collected 10 reasons why you should teambuild with your team outside this spring and summer.

Ready for it?

    • Cabin Fever! You can say that again! I think it’s safe to say we all understand what it is like to experience cabin fever. Remember that place called the world we once knew? It’s still out there, ready to be explored again! 


    • Fresh Air is great for your health. Fresh air generally has higher levels of oxygen. 


    • Sun exposure. Not only does the sun provide us with Vitamin D, which has a million of its own great benefits, but it also improves your sleep, reduces stress, and strengthens your immune system. 


    • Vitamin D! This one was crucial enough to get its own number. Good old-fashioned Vitamin D from sun exposure is an essential nutrient that your bones, blood cells, and immune system rely on. 


    • Get moving! Has anyone else felt like a couch potato recently? It is easy to fall into your comfy sofa, especially when stressed and stuck at home. Well, we have not stuck at home anymore, so let’s get that blood flowing and get moving! Sitting around too much can increase your risk of chronic health problems. Studies show that sitting over 8 hours per day leads to the same risk of dying as those who smoke. Yikes!


    •  A change of scenery can boost your well-being and positively affect your mood. Simple is beautiful sometimes. You don’t have to overcomplicate this idea. Human beings do well with new tasks, new scenery, taking breaks, and getting up and walking around between tasks. Variety makes us all happy! 


    • Grounding, have you ever heard of this? Grounding or earthing takes advantage of the benefits (including better sleep and reduced pain) just from touching and feeling the organic earth. Walking barefoot, sitting on the ground, gardening and even just using your hands to touch the earth has way more health benefits than most people realize. 


    • Being outside boosts your energy. Skip the extra cups of coffee and take a 20-minute walk outside. Studies show that this is comparable to the energy boost of a cup of coffee.



  • Get outside, clear your head, and let the creativity flow! Psychologists find that experiencing new things directly correlates with a person’s creative thought process. What is more open than being outside, seeing new things, experiencing new areas, and seeking new adventures?


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The GREAT Outdoors
There are more than 10 reasons why all of us should be spending more time outside. The great outdoors is labeled GREAT for a reason. There are still reasons and benefits unbeknown to us how being outside in the fresh, sunny air helps our overall health.  If you are looking for ideas to get your team outside this summer, try our Scavenger Hunts. Not only are they fun, but they are healthy for you. The world is ready to be explored and appreciated like never before. Treat your team to a healthy good time.  



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