Old School Vegas & Fremont St.:
$5 Intro to Stray Boots Vegas

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Regular Price: $5.00

First-timer? Get your boots wet for a low price! Play this regular, full-length tour at a new-user discounted price of only $5 per person!

Whether you’re a tourist who’s looking for the cooler, quieter side of Vegas or a local who wants to catch up on your City’s history, this Downtown will deliver an amazing combo of culture and class. You’ll get to know the casinos that helped put Vegas on the Map. From the Golden Gate, Sin City’s first casino, to the recognizable lights of the Fremont & Four Queens, you’ll discover what first drew folks to this little desert town. Be ready to bluff your way into Binion’s iconic Poker Room and snap a picture with Vegas Vic and Vickie. Find the little cigar shop where all the Hollywood celebs go to get a light, before grabbing a cocktail at the coolest bar in town. You’ll come away knowing how Vegas grew into a global hub of fun and fortune, and get a true taste of its appeal along the way.


  • Binion’s Hall of Fame Poker Room
  • Digging for Gold at the Gold Nugget
  • The Kickin’ it Old School at Main St. Station
  • The Golden Gate’s Original Shrimp Cocktail
  • Being Vain with Vegas Vic & Vickie
  • Getting Gangster at the El Cortez

Recommended Playing Times

Daily: 10AM-Midnight (Tech support is limited after 5 PM)

Starting Point

El Cortez Hotel & Casino (Fremont St. & N 6th Ave)