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London Team Building Activities, Scavenger Hunts and Tours

Our team building scavenger hunts will make your time in London amazing, fun, and special. If you’re planning a company outing, hosting friends, or going on a school trip, our scavenger hunts are perfect for your group.

How it Works
Our London Scavenger Hunts and Team Building Activities
Your place, Your employees, Your rules!

Make a great first impression with Strayboots to welcome new hires, while helping them get to know the office and the area. Create interactions with other employees, add custom challenges to increase brand awareness, teach them about the company culture and history, all in a fun, unique, and competitive way.


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Present on-site and off-site facilities
Showcase the local area
Introduce your company values, culture and vision
Enable relationship building
Build rapport with new recruits
Increase brand knowledge and product awareness


London Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Change up this year’s company offsite with our London team building scavenger hunts, guaranteed to help your employees have fun, unwind, and make lasting memories. Teams will work together to solve our riddles that will bring them to places all over the neighborhood, from the main tourist sites to more hidden local favorites. Your employees will have fun, get to know one another in a totally new context, and work as a team. Plus, back in the office, you’ll see productive new relationships and happier employees.


London School Field Trips with Scavenger Hunts

London is one of the nation’s oldest and most historic cities. There is no better place to see history come to life. Our hunts will make that possible!

Our Customers

London Scavenger Hunts and Tours

You’ve either made the long journey to London, or you’re planning a trip for those who are. Either way, our scavenger hunts will make your time in London special, fun, and worthwhile.


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Split your group up into teams and have them meet at the predesignated starting points in your city of choice

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Participants work together and learn new things about their city and each other, while racing to the finish